9 Crazy Ideas If You Have Second Life

The show must go on. Yeah, everything that you has a risk. You can succes or not one. Sometime, you are the best, do something great and the result is spectacular. Congratulation!!! Other moment, if that not works, You will ask your self. Why could be? That is normal.

Now, I will show you great things. These have to be done great people.


the party in swimming pool

 Ups I have to update my instagram. Hey dude, my battery is low. Tell me what I have to do without leaving this position. This is the best place to take some photo.

#Come to me Now

crazy idea to

 I need you to come to me now. Because I miss you so much. Please come! - Ok I will come to you baby - Be careful darling! - Yeah, What ever happen, I will go to your home. Or...

#Please, Listen to the Music

music is my life

 Everybody... Put your hand up. Put your hands up. The party will be start. Now turn of the light, we spend the night or going to hell.

#Train vs Fire Fighter

fire fighter
Captain! We need water. Yes, Please Right there, a river has water. Remember, if the train comes, stop it! The train can help us.

# Friend will be friend

the best way to cut a wood

 Now, It is time to say goodbye my friend. Hope this is a beautiful end, I know that you are the best for me. Hey, can you listen to White Lion's song? Farewell.

#Simba, Lion King

crazy idea to
In the home and mighty home the lion does not sleep tonight. You can hear the song with the title 'Lion King'. Then, Listen to the John Lennon's song with the lyric " Imagine there no father". 

#Turn to the right

crazy idea to

 I just want to say. If you find the sign like picture above. Please, turn the right. That is my point of view. The left one, is how to see an angle so on.

#Safe Riding

safety riding

 When you are riding a motorcycle. Please, keep in safety riding mode. Using helm is a good choice. But, use something like that child is better, because you will safe from air-pollution, will not?

#Turn the the Right Please!

scottish highland games

The last one, please turn to the right again. Left side is the Scottish highland games. Do not you know, what is that game? If you want to know how to play that game, you can turn the left.

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